Azure DevOps – what’s new?

Today Microsoft announced the relaunch of Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS). VSTS is now renamed to Azure DevOps.

The reason for the name change is that they want to decouple the Suite from the Visual Studio brand and the perception that it is .NET-only whereas Azure is associated with cross-platform – Cloud for all. But of course, Azure DevOps will work for whatever type of cloud you are using.

What’s new?

    • The service URLs moved from to

      There are long-term redirects for existing customers in place.

    • The offered services are renamed:
      • Work 👉 Azure Boards
      • Nav-Code Code 👉 Azure Repos
      • Nav-Launch Build and release 👉 Azure Pipelines
      • Nav-Feed Packages 👉 Azure Artifacts
      • Nav-TestTest 👉 Azure Test Plans


    • Azure DevOps GitHub Integration:
      Azure Pipelines is now available in the GitHub marketplace.


  • Azure Pipelines for Open Source projects
    Azure Pipelines includes 10 free concurrent pipelines with unlimited build minutes and users (for Mac, Windows and Linux).

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